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Can my daughters father sign his rights over without my concent? I live in Tennessee if that matters. Please help...

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My daughter is 3 years old and her father has never been in her life. He has only saw her one time and he has never paid a penny of child support or helped her in any way at all. He is on drugs is why if that matters. But we have court in a few days and he just sent me a message saying he is just going to sign his rights over so he dont go to jail and so he dont have to help. His words not mine. But i am just curious as to if he can do this without my permission, I am just concerned for how it will make my daughter feel when she gets older and understands what happens a little more. Please help cause this has been weighing very heavy on my heart, I feel so bad for my daughter. And can he really just take the easy way out and sign them over and not be responsible for her anymore?

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Ah . . . yes-- the fantasy of every deadbeat parent, that they can walk away from parental support obligations. You need to know that parental rights are not terminated by a parent voluntarily signing anything; they are terminated by court order. Absent a simultaneous petition for adoption, court nearly never terminate parental rights. The father of your child can dream on . . . .

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Don't put any stock in what that guy says.

Many deadbeat fathers think they can "sign away their rights" to get out of child support. It won't happen unless and until you are married and have a husband who is willing to adopt your child. Otherwise, the state will keep hounding this guy to pay his child support.

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