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Can my current spouse's income be considered in my child support case?

Wilmington, OH |

I am a stay at home parent and my husband supports our family. My ex-husband is paying child support for our 3 children based on my income or the state poverty level since there is none. Is it possible to get the court to consider my spouse's income as well in order to increase support?

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Is your income set at zero as the child support guidelines were calculated when support was ordered? If so support would probably go down, not up if your spouse's income were considered.

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I was employed at the time the support was ordered but then it was reassessed when I became unemployed & because my ex was refusing to pay his portion of medical. My ex makes a much higher amount than my husband and though it is shared parenting with me as residential parent the ex has decreased his visitation to only 4days per month by choice not a court decision.


If you have custody and your x is ordered to pay support based on you having the poverty guideline being imputed then your new husband's income is irrelevant. If you filed for an increase in support then your spouses income may (most likely wouldn't) cause the child support order to go down. Your post isn't real clear though.

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