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Can my company lay me off

Phoenix, AZ |

I was told today the my job as supervisor will be eliminated at the end of this month. I was taken of as supervisor last December. I went in my records on the company web site and it shows this to be true. I think the real reason they are laying my off in my age. I'm 65 years old the two other workers are in their 40's.
I have been with the company since 20006 and have a super clean work record. One of the other workers has only been with the company 1 year. Please let me know if I have a case worth pursuing.

Thank you,

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Attorney answers 2


There's no way to know whether you have a case worth pursuing based on the limited information you provided.

However, in order to file an age discrimination lawsuit, you must file a discrimination charge with the EEOC first. Here is a link to get you started.


Employment law issues are usually very fact specific, so an employment lawyer would need much more information to be able to give you a careful evaluation. Age discrimination cases can be difficult to prove. If you do decide to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC, you could help or hurt your case depending on what you say in your charge. Consequently, I suggest that you confer in person with an employment lawyer. Good luck.