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Can my child's father be held in contempt for failing to pay amount ordered by court?

Baltimore, MD |

We have a court ordered child support order dating back to 2000. My child's father has paid sporadically and is $20,000 in arrears. The current order includes $100/week support and health insurance coverage. He currently is paying $40.56 biweekly and has never provided health insurance. Although he is paying something, is it considered contempt that he is not paying the court ordered amount? The payments are being collected via a wage attachment to a part time job he has. However, he is also working under the table to avoid paying any more.

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Non-payment of child support is a widespread, and serious problem, especially in the City of Baltimore. Many people simply cannot afford the obligations concomitant with having a child, which is tragic. Others, more tragically, actively avoid their obligations.

Consult with a family law attorney about ensuring that you receive adequate support for your child.

If your goal is merely to complicate your child's father's life, fear not. The MVA routinely suspends the licenses of those who are delinquent in their child support payments. And driving on a suspended license is an incarcerable offense in the State of Maryland.



Thank you for your input. My goal is not to complicate his life; it is to have him be responsible for our child as I am. He is one who actively avoids his obligation. My problem is that the MVA will not suspend his license as he is paying something. He is paying $20/week in lieu of the $100/week that he has been ordered.