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Can my boyfriend legally kick me out of the house?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have been living with my boyfriend in a new rental for almost a year now. He pays most of the rent because I am in school right now. But both of our names are on the rental agreement. We also have a 6 year old son together. When he gets angry, he will lock me out of the house and or take my keys away. Also, he threatens me and tells me to take all of my stuff out of the house, basically kicking me out. He tells me if I don't leave he will call the police and have them put me out. He says he can also evict me because he pays most of the rent. Is this true? Most of the time he will threaten me and try to make me leave immediately, but we have a son together, so it is hard for me to just pick up and leave. What are my rights?

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If your name is on the lease, then you have the right to be there.

He is right ONLY IF there was a prior written agreement between you and your boyfriend as to how the rent was to be paid, and one party reserve the power to oust another out if that party failed to pay rent.

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