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Can my boyfriend get in truble if he gets me pregnant at 16?

West Palm Beach, FL |

My boyfriend and i been dating for about 3 years now and we wanted to know if he will get in truble by the law if he gets me pregnant at 16? He's 18 years old.

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It is legal for an 18 year old and a 16 year old to have sex in Florida, but it is a really really bad idea.

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Jessica Michelle Rose

Jessica Michelle Rose


Mr. Mangrum is correct about the law but there are a few other things you might benefit from knowing. First, just because your age difference does not make it a crime, it can still be a crime if it is not consensual. Because you are still a minor (and were very young when you started dating) it is important for you know that you can always say "no," to sex. Hopefully you have somebody who you feel comfortable talking to about being sexually active and about pregnancy. Because you said "if" he gets me pregnant, it sounds like either you don't know if you are pregnant or you are concerned about becoming pregnant. It is hard for lawyers to answer such a sensitive question from a very young woman. The legal answer is fairly simple but the answers you might really benefit from are not easy to give on a website like this. The lawyers, including me, that responded to you had to be very careful about giving you advice. We really can't tell you what is it your best interest without knowing more information about you and your boyfriend. In my opinion, there is a lot of information and free services that will help guide you and your boyfriend in making good decisions about sex, birth control, and pregnancy. If you are not comfortable talking with a parent, a responsible adult or a lawyer (click on a name to get contact information), there are other people and services available that are at little or no cost to you. For example, Planned Parenthood can provide information, medical exams, other medical services, std and pregnancy testing and birth control options. Places that provide free or low cost "family planning" services keep patient information private regardless of age. If you have more specific questions, do not be afraid to ask. Hope this helped!


Do your best not to get pregnant at 16. But it is not against the law in Florida.


That depends on what your definition of "trouble" is. He won't get arrested if the sex was consensual. Not sure how your or his folks would feel about a couple of teenagers having a baby. There's all kinds of trouble a pregnant teenage couple can get to.

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Will he get in trouble by the law? No. Unless you are he is independently wealthy already, will you subject your child to a hard life by having the baby at such a young and immature age, yes.

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