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Can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes for 2012?

Colfax, WA |

Hello, I have lived with my boyfriend for over a year with my only income being $1600 from child support from a previous relationship. Neither of us has been married and I am not a student. I am also 21 years old. Would he be able to claim me on his taxes this year since he provides the majority of the money in our household?

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More than likely your boyfriend can claim you as a dependent on his income tax returns and would file as head of household. The rules are a bit intricate when it comes to individuals such as yourself, so you and your boyfriend should first read through the instructions to Form 1040 regarding dependents to see if you qualify as his dependent. The IRS also has an online interactive form you can use to try and figure out if your boyfriend can claim you as a dependent. The interactive form is on the IRS' website here:

If you and your boyfriend still cannot get a good answer, then I would strongly advise the two of you to consult with a competent local tax professional, such as an accountant or a CPA.

Lastly, you say that you receive child support; does your child also live with you and your boyfriend? If so, have you considered whether or not your boyfriend could claim your child as well, or is the child's father already claiming the child as a dependent?

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My son is living with us, but unfortunately it is in our parenting plan that my ex gets to claim him every year until I get a job.