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Can my boyfriend adopt my daughter? Without us being married?

Dade City, FL |

My daughters father wants to sign his parental rights away. He doesn't want to have to pay child support or have anything to do with her. But he wants my boyfriend to adopt her first. Do we have to be married for my boyfriend to adopt my daughter? Problem my boyfriend is still married and it will take longer than we have for him to get divorced and us get married. My daughters father wants this ASAP...Please help with as much advice as possible.. Thank you

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Though there's nothing illegal about your boyfriend adopting your child, as a practical matter, I doubt that any judge will approve the adoption until the two of you are married. Once the two of you are married, the process of stepparent adoption is a simple one, and almost any family law attorney can help you.



Wow. I have a nearly identical situation. Is there a waiting period in FL? In Ohio you must be married for 1 year prior to stepparent adoption.