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Can my boss tell me to leave from work if i say i work somewhere else after work hours

Del Rio, TX |

hi i work at aretail western store and my told me to leave after talking about if i am working for some else. which this is after hours . she had told to leave or was going to call the cops to make me leave . the only reason she got upset is becasue i get work from the other retail store to do some jobs .She also cursed me out and really isnt the first time she does this I mean curse at me . She also yells in front of the customers at me which really disappoints me so reall ycan she do this and do i have any alterinitives i can do about it

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Your post states no facts that would cause your termination to be determined to be unlawful. Employers have the right to terminate any employee for any reason -- or even no reason -- so long as prohibited bias is not the underlying reason.

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Texas is a right to work state. Typically, unless an employee has an employment contract, or is employed under a collective bargaining agreement through a union, the employer can terminate the employ at any time with or without cause. If an employer, at any time, decides they no longer want to employ someone, for any non-discriminatory reason, that employee can legally be terminated. However, an employer generally cannot terminate an employee for prohibited discriminatory reasons, or in retaliation for certain actions (such as filing an FMLA claim). Terminating an employee for moonlighting is not considered discriminatory.

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