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Can my boss just stop working me but not fire me? How long do i have to wait to file unemployment?

Lake City, FL |

I am a driver for a medical transportation company. A client had wrote on the seat about my employer and by employer had got upset and decided to not work me today due to it. Then my boss told me today that she thinks that i did it. What is my rights on this??

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We can't answer this accurately without details about the job. (For example, your prior work, hours, length of employment, etc.) You were wise to keep your question vague on a public board, but it makes it impossible to answer.

You should talk to a local employment attorney. Then you'll have the benefit of confidentiality and advice that is specific to your facts.

If your boss continues to refuse you work, and if that means you don't get paid, you may be able to collect unemployment. But that is VERY dependent on specifics.

Get an attorney, really.

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