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Can my bench warrant and tickets be taken care of without having to go to the issuing state?

Charlotte, NC |

I got three tickets (driving without a license, expired tags, and no insurance) in my ex's car. I was living in Tampa, FL at the time. I failed to attend my court hearing or pay my tickets, due to being in the middle of a move out of state. This all happened in 2006. I am now residing in North Carolina, and was wondering if there is a way to get the tickets and bench warrant taken care of, so that I can start my new life up here without having to go back to Florida at all? I have no means of transportation (and of course no license) and this is hindering the beginning of my life as an adult. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I am on a tight budget, due to lack of job, due to having no transportation to get to one.

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It depends on the local court's requirements. Often, the court is concerned with the fines. If you settle up with the court on the fines and you do not contest the tickets or, can negotiate reduced charges and fines you may be able to work it out without having to go to the state. My advise would be to contact an attorney in the location in which you received the tickets.