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Can my auto insurance premium be increased on DUI charges alone?

Atlanta, GA |

I have recently been charged with 2 DUI's back-to-back, and one at-fault accident (following too close). All three charges are currently pending and no convictions at this time.

Is it common for the auto insurance company to cite these charges and therefore increase your premium? I am aware that my premium would increase with a conviction, but an increase solely on the charges seems odd to me. It would make fighting against a DUI conviction a bit pointless.

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Your insurance company can increase your rate if you are charged with a DUI. This does not always happen, but if they found out about it then this could happen. Your rate should come back down, though, if you are acquitted of one or both of them. It is still worthwhile to fight these charges, to avoid jail time in serious license consequences since you have two charges back-to-back. Your attorney may be able to negotiate these as a package deal, and avoid one conviction if you plead to the other. Or, if your rights were not respected then you may have a very good defense. Most lawyers will provide a free consultation, and this is definitely worth your time.


It is somewhat uncommon for the increase to happen before conviction, but it does happen. Check your policy to find out what the terms are you agreed to when you bought the policy concerning this type of situation.

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As an aside - there are many many reason to fight a dui charge. Increased insurance premiums are not as important as a criminal record or loss of driving privileges. Hire a qualified attorney and fight!

The insurance company can raise your premium for any number of reasons. As my colleague suggests, review your premium and you may find the answer.


The insurance rate could have soley increased based on the car accident. It is more common for rates to increase post conviction.


Most commonly insurance rates increase AFTER a conviction for traffic related charges. However, it is possible (but unusual) that the insurance company found out about the 2 DUI and the Following to Closely charges and raised your insurance rates. The company can raise your rates based on the terms of the contract that you entered into with them. I disagree that fighting the charges is "pointless". If you are successful in fighting the charges your insurance rates should go down. Also, you would not have to deal with a lengthy Drivers License Suspension, attend and pay for DUI school, pay for installation and monitoring of an Ignition Interlock Device, face mandatory Probation, pay for probation supervision each month, perform Community Service or even have your Photo published in the local News Paper. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list - it doesn't cover possible loss of your job, loss of the ability to get a promotion or better job, life insurance issues, education and grant issues that could result from a conviction on these charges. I would recommend that you retain the Best DUI Defense Attorney that is available to you - ASAP! IF YOU DON'T FIGHT THESE CHARGES - your car Insurance rates will be the LEAST of your worries!
Good Luck!!! George McCranie

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