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Can my attorney lie to me just to keep a case open?

Columbia, SC |

We are involved in a very nasty adoption suit against the state. The case went to the 4th circuit and the law was changed in my state because of my case. We are tired and have been asking our attorney to settle for years. My adopted daughter is severely disturbed and in the hospital now. She has been hospitalized for over 3 years. We were told by the hospital she needed state services and money beyond our means. She will never be in our home again. We were advised to relinquish her to the state. Our attorney told us we would be arrested. We were told by the state just last week in a meeting that this is not true. They need to be her guardian in order to pay for her care. Our attorney lied. What do we do?

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If an attorney is involved in any misconduct, you can call the state bar association.

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First, I am truly sorry to hear of your dilemma. Obviously, attorneys should never lie to their clients and if that is the case, you can contact your state bar association. Many times however, statements made carelessly can be misinterpreted. I would first contact your lawyer and ask him why he told you that. It could be that he suggested you would be arrested based upon some assumptions that he did not properly communicate to you or that you misinterpreted. Better to give him the benefit of the doubt and try to get your issue with your adopted daughter resolved. If after discussing this with your lawyer, you remain dissatisfied, I would suggest that you seek a second opinion with a different attorney.

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