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Can my age help in getting my ticket cost/points reduced?

Acworth, GA |

I was ticked for speeding, 74mph in a 45mph zone, in GA. If convicted i will get 4 points off my licence. I was under 21 at the time of my citation but i am going to be 21 for my court date. I have seen that the fine is $340 but i can not pay online because i am required to show up to court. I am guessing this is due to my age and the fact that 24mph+ is considered reckless driving and being that i'm not 21 my licence suspended for 6 months. This is my 1st offence--EVER.
Does the fact that my age is going to change before i am formally convicted or plea guilty change the out come of my case?If it does, will taking a defensive driving class help me at all?Also the clerks office has posted that the prosecutor will NOT speak to defendants before the trial.How do i talk to him about a deal?

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Yes. Turning 21 on your court date will save your license. The suspension is controlled by your age on the date of conviction. Since you will be 21 on your court date then you will not be suspended. In either event, when you go to court, and they call your name, ask to speak to the prosecutor. Ask the prosecutor to reduce your speed to 59 in a 45 so the charge will not even go on your driving history.

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Thank you so much for answering my question.


I agree with Mr. Yeargan, this will be fine as long as you are 21 on the date of conviction. Asking the prosecutor to reduce the speed or to change the charge to a city ordinance or a basic rules violation will keep anything from going on your driving history.


Wait for court and when you are called, try and get the prosecutor to reduce the speed and pay the fine. Take money with you so you can resolve it then and there. Since you are now 21, no suspension issues.

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