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Can my 30d notice end my month to month tenancy effective the day it was served, i.e. the 17th, as opposed to end of month?

Elk Grove, CA |

I rec'd on the 17th. It says my m2m lease ended on the 17th, whereas I thought it ended at the end of the month I had paid for. Yes, it permitted me 30 days to vacate, and gave that date too, but why did it say I had an expired lease as of the 17th? Didn't it expire at the end of the month?

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The notice needs to be served at least one month before the termination. Say your rent is due the first day of the month and the landlord wanted to give you 30-day notice to terminate the lease effective the last day of July 2013, then the 30-day notice should have been served on you by June 30, 2013. You should consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.