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Can my 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom trailer home be condemed by the health dept for having a 500 gallon septic tank?

El Dorado Springs, MO |

I have two sons, my mother, my wife, and me living in a treailer home outside of town, my boys are ages 1 and 2 and are still in diapers. the latteral lines off the septic tank need to be fixed and the tank needs to be mooved closer which is no problem but i was told the tank has to be bigger which i do not believe. there is an older man down the road that does not want me living here and is owed favors from the man that runs the health dept in this town. there is nothing else wrong with my home and i can fix the latteral lines and move the tank closer but i cant afford a bigger tank and dont believe i need one. Please help my family has nowhere to move to within two weeks.

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Your town's Health Code or ordinances govern this question - size of sewer lines, septic tanks, etc depending on the number living on the premises. If no town Code, then it is governed by your County. Go to those offices and get copies of those Codes. They should be clear enough for you to get the answers yourself, but if not, bring them to an attorney.

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