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Can my 16 year old son be held legally responsible, financially, for his 16 year old girlfriends pregnancy.

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The parents of my 16 year old sons girlfriend are insistent that she have the baby. My sons mother and I feel that it's their choice to allow their daughter to have the child if they do so wish. We also feel that in no way is our 16 year old son mature enough or ready to be a parent, and that adoption would or could be an option. The religious beliefs of her parents given full understanding, can they hold my son financially responsible for them wanting to keep the child?

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The short answer is yes.

If your son is proved to be the father of this child through DNA testing, then he will be ordered to provide minimum wage child support. Since he is only 16, I guess that you as his parents will be paying it. Of course, he can drop out of school and get a job to pay his obligations as a parent.

It is the policy of the State of Texas that parents support their children. It is not the taxpayers burden to support this new baby. The Texas Legislature has spoken on behalf of the taxpayers of Texas. The Judges are following the laws of the State of Texas.

Your son has created a new life. He is obligated to support this child. Since he is still a minor, you as his parent are responsible for him and his actions. Whether he is mature or not, he will be a father and you are going to be grandparents.

The girl controls her body - as a recent court case in the 308th Judicial District Court of Harris County just showed -- where the parents of a teen-ager wanted her to have an abortion. The Judge ruled that the minor girl controlled her body & her parents could not force her to have an abortion against her will.

You cannot force the girl to give the baby up for adoption.

PS - The situation you describe occurs whether your son is 16, 26 or 36. Yes, it happens all the time to males. Basically, once a guy engages in sex and a pregnancy occurs, then he is "on the hook" for the rest of his life. Plus, he may also have to pay for pre-natal expenses. In addition to child suport there is also health insurance costs & uninsured medical expenses for this child.

One bright light, one Harris County judge recently allowed a 16 yr. old to not pay child support until he graduated from high school. Then his child support starts. The judge felt he should keep his grades up and graduate from high school. In this case, the families were very wealthy & the child support was not really an issue.

The judges see minors having babies all the time so don't expect a lot of sympathy from the judges.

The really good news is that your son is the same age as the girl so he won't be a registered sex offender! You should be really grateful for this fact!

The odds are that you will love and adore your new grand-child.

Hire an attorney to assist you in making sure that your son's rights are protected. Good luck!

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I agree with Ms. Brochstein.
I have seen several cases where the child support orders set the first payment either the month after the payor-parent's 18th birthday, or a month after high school graduation. Good luck.

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