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Can mother move child out of state and she stay in another state if she has custody. There's a placement agreement.

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Mother sent child to living with her sibling out of state. Mother never wanted me involved and still haven't spoken with me about the matter. Daughter has been struggling in school and with personal matters. Mother never asked me to assist and when I did assist she always interfered by making her come back to her home to stay. (Used me as a punishment to our daughter.) Mother wasn't encouraging our child to go to school. She let her date at 14 and recently had her partner staying with them (I just found this out) As a result daughter has failed the 10th grade. In the past I went to court to get more time and the mother opposed. She needed our daughter to help watch her other siblings. My daughter wants to come back home. Any options I don't have money for a lawyer I really want her here.

Me and my ex were never married, and my daughter has 4 siblings that live here with me from my current marriage. They have a close relationship. All are preforming well in school.

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Assuming she was/will be gone for 90 consecutive days.
You should file Contempt given the failure to notify you and the court that child is now out of state.

If it interferes with your placement of child you could instead file a Contempt for interference with you placement.
Either would get you your day in court.

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Are both options different forms? And what forms would I need for the first one.

R. S. Missimer

R. S. Missimer


Contempt = FA-4172, Enforcement of placement = FA-609, Motion to Modify = FA-4170

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