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Can misdemeanor points be counted in the tally score sheet in the state of Florida I have been told yes and no.

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State is offering son 33 mos prison. I have been told they are counting misdemeanor points which according to Florida guideline they cannot count them. If they don't count them it would be like 17 months instead of 33 Would it matter it was a misdemeanor charge but it was felony probation?
Also how do I go about obtaining his point sheet?

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Have you spoken to his attorney?

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They can count any criminal charges that your son ever pled to or was found guilty of. Felonies and misdemeanors and in some cases juvenile cases.

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I agree with Mr. Cohen. As to where "you" can obtain his point sheet, the state will provide a copy to his attorney and he can get a copy from the attorney.

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Misdemeanors are counted on a scoresheet as .2. Juvenile convictions can be counted if the conviction date is within the last 5 years. The State will provide a copy of the scoresheet to the Defense attorney.


All criminal convictions (both misdemeanor and felony) are counted on the score sheet UNLESS adjudication was withheld. Your son's attorney or your son can get the score sheet. Your son can write a letter giving you permission to get the score sheet as well. If your son does not already have an attorney, GET HIM ONE IMMEDIATELY !!!!

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