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Can methadone clinic rescind take homes after allowing marijuana use for debilitating headaches in the past?

Boston, MA |

I've been SSDI disabled for over 20 years.I'm also on a methadone clinic and its take home program for the past 10 years and have never tested + for illicit drugs.I suffer from debilitating headaches and rarely use marijuana for relief(only after 3or4 bedridden days) with the knowledge of and tacit approval of staff.I recently tested +(4th time in 10 years).This time,without any prior warning they rescinded my take homes indefinitely, forcing me to attend daily dosing instead of the once a week schedule for 10 years.This happened overnite,no hearing or nothing.This is a major hardship but they wont budge.There is more to the story that wont fit here.Do I have any recourse?Please advise.

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Very difficult to say. Please re post the facts and question.

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