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Can marshals barge my home without a warrant,search premises and not find what their looking for and lie of what they look for?

New York, NY |

knocked hard on the door and then called my house phone asked me to open i did grabbed me pulled me outside forcefully and handcuffed me and my friend and questioned us both then say they were looking for someone but they weren't they were really looking for my brother which was not there. then barged my mothers home and handcuffed her and took her with them then barged into my brothers girlfriends home which where they found him and brutally beat him and arrested. Mind you they never showed warrants at either apartments.

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They should have shown the warrants, but ultimately if they had "no-knock" warrants then this would weaken any claim you have. Nevertheless, I advise you & your brother to schedule a consultation with a NYC Civil Rights lawyer to discuss the case in more detail.

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well my brother is in a federal court in brooklyn now so we are trying to get a good lawyer for this case and also when they raided the house where my brother was at they knocked down his elderly mother in law and pointed a pistol to her head!


There are exceptions to requirement to have a warrant when they do search at home. As to brutally beating of your brother at the time of arrest without any reason and without him resisting arrest, his present criminal defense lawyer should be made aware of this and made aware of any injuries caused to him at the time of arrest.

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