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Can legal action be taken on a fake facebook?

Joliet, IL |

My friend made a facebook that is not him. He made the facebook so that he could add his ex girlfriend and see her posts. He hasn't harmed, threaten or hurt the person's reputation. He deleted the fake account.

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This is not a matter for the law or police yet.


If the fake profile was still posted, it could be reported to Facebook as a violation of their terms of use. Since he deleted the fake account, there's no longer an issue.

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The first answer is correct.
If the fake account were still active, it could be reported to Facebook Operating an account under a false identity is a violation of terms that should lead to cancellation of the account. That is a matter handled by Facebook itself.
If the fake account were in the name of someone known to the ex-girlfriend, and was therefore friended and granted access to non-public portions of her Facebook postings, there might be a claim for fraud - however, to be actionable such a claim would usually require either personal gain to the deceiver or injury to the ex-girlfriend.

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