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Can landlord charge 200 extra per person that are not on the lease.

Austin, TX |

letting daughter and husband and two grandkids live with us until they get their own apartment in december. landlord said he doesn't want them in his house. have never been late on rent and the house is kept in tip top shape with no damage what so ever.
he is threating to evict us if they continue to stay with us. they have no where esle to stay until they get their own apartment.

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Depending upon the size of the house, housing code requirements, etc. the question is whether they are guests or co/ sub-tenants. I would suggest after checking your state's laws, you might tell him to pound sand and to leave your guests alone. By the time he tries to evict you for the extra rent, they will be gone. Then I expect that if you have clear proof of each timely payment of the full (original) rent, the court will acknowledge that he has no case. Then you are ok until the end of the term of the lease.


You need to look at the lease. Usually leases have a clause that says how long you can have people living/staying/visiting in the premises. If the lease does not address it, then I would not worry about it. If the landlord tries to sue you, I think the judge would not look kindly on the landlord given how short a time your family will be staying with you. If I were you I would bring your lease to an attorney that handles landlord tenant issues.

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