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Can L2 stay without L1 for some days?

Cincinnati, OH |

I have a L2 Visa and EAD to work.
MY Husband needs to go to India for around 1-2 monts as he needs to get port entry(Entry on passport after landing in US) to be extended. HE will need to go to India in june and will return back in 1-2 month.
I just wanted to know
1. Can I stay in US for this duration if he is not there.
2. IF my company files H1 for me and if it got approved . Can i stay in US without L1 as my H1 will actually valid from october and can i work from that June to October period as my status will be L2 without EAD but H1 filed?
3. If I extended my EAD and after that i go to India then will that EAD be Valid ?
(AS it is written on EAD that not valid for Reentry)

Request esy you to answer on these questions as i need tit immedirelt.

Thanks ,

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Attorney answers 1


1. Yes, as long as he stays on the company payroll
2. talk to an attorney will require a delicate balance
3. maybe ... talk to an attorney.

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