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Can Kansas apartment move out charge in dispute be reported to credit bureau ?

Overland Park, KS |

I moved out of an apartment in KS into WA. The landlord sent me a bill for carpet and garbage disposal replacement, and other changes ~ $2000. I've sent back detailed letters disputing each itemized charge, and giving explanations, citing conflict of interest, lack of due diligence and professional liability.
However they refuse to acknowledge they received the letters, and are unwilling to update the charges.
Earlier this morning they threatened to send me to collections agency on Monday and report me to credit bureaus where this stays on my record for 10 years.
What can I do to stop this ? Do I need to go to small court for this ( in KS or WA)? Or just send a notarized letter saying this matter is in dispute , if so, to whom?
Needless to say I've also lost my deposit.
Thanks in advance!

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A creditor doesn't need your permission to send their claim to a collection bureau. Frankly, I don't see sending an account to collections as much of a threat because typically the collector will send you a letter asking if you dispute the debt and when you reply that you do, they will drop it. If this matter should show up on your credit report, you can dispute the claim and have it removed from there as well. Hope this perspective helps!



Thanks Dorothy ! This helps .Gives a fresh perspective on the collections/credit report process, after the so much more threatening call :) Thanks again !!

Dorothy G Bunce

Dorothy G Bunce


I miss my college friends in the KC Metro area!


Agree with Attorney Bunce. You may have some remedies in what stands for a landlord/tenant court in KS (not in WA), but I don't see the benefit for you. Dispute it if it goes to collections, dispute it if it shows up on your credit report.

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