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Can it be a DUI second conviction?

Jackson, MS |

Within the past two years my husband received two DUI first offense charges in two different counties. He was convicted just a few months ago for an actual DUI first (which was actually the second of the two). He is going to court soon for the other DUI first charge, so can he be convicted as a second DUI offense? This second one will actually be the first offense charge. Thank you.

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The short answer, in my opinion, is "yes" he will be convicted of a second DUI offense.


While the statute is not altogether clear, I would argue that he could not be convicted of a second offense, for what was actually the first offense.

Criminal statutes should be strictly construed in favor of the defendant. A fair reading of the statute is that there must be a prior conviction and sentence, at the time the second offense was committed. The Mississippi Supreme Court has not addressed this issue, and my legal analysis for reaching this conclusion is too long to post here.

As a practical matter, it is a strong possibility that the first county is unaware of the DUI in the second county. I have had similar issues arise in past cases. Where the cases were pending in multiple jurisdictions, the prosecutor on the second case has *never* been aware of the first DUI. In those cases, the second case has been handled as a first offense.

Because the penalties for DUI-Second Offense are severe, and include mandatory jail time, I suggest you contact a Mississippi DUI lawyer immediately.

Curt Crowley
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The law in Mississippi is clear on this question.Your husband MUST have been CONVICTED of a DUI to be charged with a second DUI offense. Two charges for dui without a conviction must be tried as two first offenses.Please refer to my publication MISSISSIPPI DUI LAW AND PRACTICE,2010,Thompson/West or my web site



In the event that someone is charged with 2 1st offense DUI's back to back...would that person face a 90 day liscense suspension or a 180 day suspension?

Victor Wallace Carmody Jr.

Victor Wallace Carmody Jr.


Actually,the suspension for a dui first offense in now indefinetly,until you attend and complete a MASEP(mississippi alcohol safety education program) but once compeleted the suspension is reduced to ninety days and can be further reduced under certain circumsances to thirty days upon proof of hardship.This applies to the first dui only.The second first dui may result in a one year suspension which may be reduced to ninety days upon attendance at another MASEP program.Otherwise dui suspensions run consecutively( one starts and ends,and the next begins and ends)

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