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Can insurance company deny the claim if there is a pre-existing bumper cover damage at a different location on the bumper cover?

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Some body hit my car while it is parked and the other party's insurance is paying for the damages. A small portion of front bumper cover is broken on the right side because of the accident. However, there is a pre-existing damage below the bumper cover at a different location. The pre-existing damage is just cosmetic and is not visible unless you bend over underneath the car. However, the new damage (also cosmetic) is clearly visible. The insurance company denied claim even for the repair for new damage citing the pre-existing damage. Are they not responsible for repairing the car to pre-accident condition? Can they deny claim for new damage completely because of a pre-existing damage at a different location?

Insurance company is paying for repair of other damaged parts exlcuding bumper cover.

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No. Talk to an attorney.

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Insurance companies find any reason they can to deny coverage. If there was pre-existing damage to the bumper, yes, they can deny coverage. If they are wrong and still deny, get with an attorney

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