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Can ignition interlock be installed on a motorcycle if it's my only means of transportation?

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The court never ordered me to stay away from motorcycles, I received my license back after 6 month suspension, I was going to wait 6 months for my ignition interlock order to expire but probation says my interlock requirement period does not start untill i have a vehicle with an interlock registered in my name.

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Yes it can. IID's are made for motorcycles as well as cars. A motorcycle is a motor vehicle for purposes of the applicable statute. If you won or operate the vehicle, the IID must be installed.

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The IID requirement includes motorcycles (VTL § 123 definitions apply). In 2010, there were none available in NYS. I believe they are now available and the order applies to your motorcycle.

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Come on now be real. A motor cycle is a motor vehicle. This very query demonstrates that you are not taking responsibility for your actions.


I think a motorcycle clearly falls within the parameters of a vehicle. I agree with my colleagues.

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