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Can I write off an Ipad or laptop on my taxes?

Sun Prairie, WI |

I run a sole proprietorship pc repair business and I only have a desktop computer to use for my business. I don't have a retail location, as I do most of my work either on site or at home. I really need a laptop or an Ipad for the ability to do my work on site and because a desktop just isn't portable. Would I be able to buy a new laptop or Ipad and write it off on my taxes since I will be using it for my business? Thanks!

Just to add some additional info, this is a side business of mine. My primary income comes from another job in the private security sector. I do get a W-2 from my employer and I have this after hours and on weekends.

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Yes, as long as the iPad or Laptop is used for business use you can write it off as an expense. What is not allowed is if you are a W-2 employee and you have a side business, such as selling things on eBay, and you buy a personal laptop and deduct the cost against your W-2 income because you don't make enough money selling things on eBay. These are called "Hobby Losses" and are not allowed. However, in your situation if it is genuine business property and it is your primary business, then it is allowed as a deduction against your pc repair business.

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It must be an ordinary and necessary business expense in order to be deductible. It sounds like you should be able to take the deduction for your business.

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