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Can I write a reconsideration letter to the judge to reconsider denying work release?

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I am a relative of the defendant and I want to know if I could write a letter to the judge to get her to reconsider the sentence and allow work release. He is currently sentenced to 150 days in jail with no work release. He was previously granted work release but he failed to show on time for court to be sentenced to jail with work release. He showed up late on a Friday and they would not except him in and was told to show up on Monday because they were closed for the weekend. When he appeared on Monday the judge denied him work release and was sentenced to do 150 days in jail. He just acquired a good job and will be fired if he doesn't show. He has four kids and needs an income to support them. How can I get the judge to see that he really needs this job?

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It should be written by him or his attorney. They could prosecute for practicing law without a license. Talk to his attorney first.


You can always write a letter but your relative's failure to appear timely for his sentencing could lead the judge to believe that he is not a good risk for work release and / or that he is not taking his situation seriously. Why don't you talk with the relative's lawyer about the situation and see if there is anything the lawyer feels that you can do to help.


Yes, you should write a letter, but the defendant needs to write one too. Explain the missed court date and also explain in detail the need for work release, ie family, job, responsibilities, etc. A letter from the Defendant's employer would be very helpful too. These letters don't need to be fancy or include any special "legaleze" but should explain why work release is so important and why the Defendant would comply with such a sentence.

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