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Can i work as a medical assistant in the state of california with a felony?

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I have a felony inthe state of california for possesion. I also have a felony in michigan for delivery and manufacture of marijuana! I am currently in school now in california studying to be a medical assistant!

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You will want to talk to a licensing attorney. Many people are able to obtain licenses with criminal records but it is best to talk to an attorney.
Robert Driessen

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Agreed. You do need to talk to a licensing specialist. A Criminal Defense attorney might be able to help you get your felony possession case expunged which could substantially help you with your licensing issues if its a straight possession charge which MIGHT be reducible down to a misdemeanor which can then be dismissed. It's worth exploring. If you have questions my information below.

Brian Michaels


I agree with my colleagues. You may wish to contact attorney Christine McCall, who you can find on this site. I believe she specializes in these matters.


You have had some sound advice here about trying to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor and utilizing other criminal record-improving statutory remedies. But none of those are conclusive or determinative. State licensing agencies are always focused on the facts and circumstances of the offense(s).

There are some critical facts missing here, facts necessary for evaluation of your situation. Are you on probation? How long ago were these offenses? Even drug quantities will be critical in this analysis. Don't post these answers here. You need to consult with a professional/occupational licensing attorney. If you are borrowing on student loan programs for your educational program, please get a legal consult ASAP. You do not want to be indebted if there is an impediment to your use of your education and training.

I won't cheerlead for you: two drug felonies is a tough challenge for any kind of State health care license. Of course,not all medical assistant positions require a license. For unlicensed work, there is no legal impediment if you can find and obtain a willing employer. But for most physician practices, their E and O insurance carriers (professional liability insurance) will not allow them to hire or retain staff with felony or drug convictions. So, your path here is far from clear-cut.

Consult with an attorney for a full analysis of your issues and options. Best of luck.

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