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Can I work after i file for bankruptcy?

Orlando, FL |

I am a physician and own my practice. I will be filing chapter 7 in a few weeks. Can I work part time for another physcian/group while I'm waiting for the process to go through? My lawyer says better not but how will I survive with 2 kids, no support?

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Its natural to seek second opinions, but if you have hired experienced counsel, you would be wise to heed his advice. No one on AVVO could possibly be in a better position to understand the facts surrounding your bankruptcy. Know that bankruptcy is as much strategy sometimes as law.

Its also perfectly reasonably for you to want to better understand the logic of the restrictions owing to the hardship they may cause. Bankruptcy is not an easy process to undergo, especially with a family and under the stress most endure. I recommend you visit with your attorney and put your mind at ease by asking him to further explain his reasoning. The means test and the qualifications for Chapter 7 as well as other more subjective evaluations the surround your lifestyle and behavior prior to filing are complex. Sometimes its hard to see in the fog which way to go, but then that's why ships have navigators. Doubtless yours has sailed these waters many times. The Chapter 7 process is relatively brief.

Best of Luck.

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The lawyer is concerned you will make too much income for the means test which means they would convert the 7 to a 13 and you would have to payoff your creditors. You may want to seek a second opinion on your bankruptcy case.

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Ask your attorney. He will know better than we can from a single question in this forum. If you doubt his expertise seek another local attorney for a second opinion.

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