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Can I withhold my rent due to no hot water in the house for 15 days?

Sacramento, CA |

I found out my water heater was broken when pg &e had came to my home on Nov 23,2013. The pg &e guy called my landlord that same day and let her know what was going on. That something was broken, a plumber needs to come out and theres not hot water. Maybe 5 days go by and i hear no response from her. I was out of town during thanksgiving and when i got back i had no communication from her. I then decided to call her i believe the next Friday nov 29th. She said she will have "her" plumber who installed the water heater come out and see. So today DEC 8 he FINALLY comes out and inspects it. Says he will do his best to try and fix asap, but its been 15 days now. Can i legally withhold rent for DEC? Or take a portion of it off? She keeps asking for rent but i do not want to pay water is on

The pumber says the water heater might have a warranty, so he needs to contact the company see if they can send out the parts to fix it. He never said how long it will take for the hot water to come on. I pay 1295 in rent each month and i dont feel its ethical to pay the full amount when i have to go to family members homes to take showers, laundry mat to wash clothes, and boil water to do dishes. My landlord asked me today when she can get the rent, i have it ready but dont think its fair to pay the full amount. Its been over 2 weeks now and i feel like hot water is super important and that the landlord should have taken care of this matter asap and not worry about the rent until this is done. What should i do??

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I would NEVER recommending withholding rent. Repair and deduct if you gave your landlord notice and the value of the repair is not more than one month's rent

A proper response would require a thorough investigation into the history and background of this relationship. The information provided above is just that, information, to be used as you see fit.