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Can I win in a false imprisonment case?

Wichita, KS |

1. I was the victim of an assault and falsely arrested, denied testimony on 30-ocassions and was told "I have the claimant's statement and that is all I need". I am being tried for a misdemeanor Domestic Battery, when I am the victim of the assault and received a brain injury.

2. The case has not been tried yet.

3. My economic loss will be about $2M, including my cost for education, inability to be employed, prospective future wages.

4. District Attorney is trying to force me into a plea by accusing me of not registering my vehicle, and placing a warrant out for my arrest at a hearing set 30-days before the my jury trial on the Misdemeanor Domestic Battery, of which I am not guilty of either.

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I'm sorry. Based on the facts you've stated, I don't see a false imprisonment case here. My suggestion would be to consult in person with a lawyer about the facts of your case so that they can give you a professional opinion as to whether your case has legal merit.

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