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Can i wear a t shirt to court saying "free defendant"

Sacramento, CA |

can family members and witnesses for the defendant wear t-shirts with supporting quotes on them to court like "free john doe"

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The Judge might throw you out of the court for attempting to unduly influence the jury. Besides, it would be highly unrecommended for witnesses to wear such shirts anyway because it would make them appear biased and ruin their credibility with the jury. I don't see how this could actually benefit the defendant, but you could cause him harm. Your presence alone is sufficient evidence of your support. You should run this idea by his defense attorney.

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There have been a lot of cases that question the line between freedom of speech and the court's authority to maintain decorum in the courtroom. The fact is you will not have an attorney to represent your interests, and the defendant doesn't really have standing to fight for your right to wear such a shirt through his attorney. It is likely that, right or wrong, the judge will kick you out of the courtroom. Further, as a criminal defense attorney myself, if one of my client's friends asked me if they could wear such a a shirt I would ask them not to as I think it looks like a cheap tactic that a jury would probably not appreciate.

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I don't see why you wouldn't be able to wear such a t-shirt. Of course, some judges have certain rules when it comes to decorum in the court room. You should check with the court house to be sure. Your best course of action would probably be just to dress respectfully for the hearing.

I never understood why some defendants show up to court wearing t-shirts depicting marijuana or similar images. If you are arrested for a gun related crime, you should probably reconsider the Scarface t-shirt. Judges and prosecutors are human. You have one chance to make a first impression.