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Can I watch my boyfriends kids while he works during his scheduled weekend visitations, and extended summer visitations?

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My boyfriend has a joint conservatorship in the state of Texas between him and his sister and brother in law. He works out of town in the refineries over 6 hours away, but drives up each weekend to see his 2 children without fail. However due to his work schedule and that he works over 6 hours away he cannot be here during the week, and sometimes (rarely) has to work Saturdays so is only able to come to see them late Saturday night through Sunday at 6pm. He still makes the trip even if it's only for one day. During the summer he has them for 31 days and will still only be able to see them on weekends. Is this in any way a violation of the court documents? His in laws are questioning him and threatening him because he is leaving them with me while he works?

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You will need to review the wording of the decree or other other order that established your boyfriend's rights to visit the children. If the order is silent on the issue then your boyfriend is not in violation of the order. I would urge your boyfriend to seek the advice of a local familly law attorney to address all of his and your concerns on this issue.


The answer will most likely lie in the court orders. If your boyfriend is unsure of his rights, duties, and obligations under the court orders, have him consult with a Texas family law attorney. Most attorneys charge a reasonable flat fee for this service and some will even do it virtually (i.e., via email, video conference, and phone).


As a Belleville, Illinois Divorce and Child Custody Attorney, there would be no problem with watching your boyfriend's kids so long as you watching your boyfriend's kids does not violate the terms and conditions of any custody and/or visitation Orders and/or understandings and so long as there are no disagreements or disputes. If there are disagreements or disputes regarding this, an appropriate Order should be requested from the Court.

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