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Can I walk away from a misrepresented car if I've already signed the contract & finance papers and I took the car off the lot?

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I just bought a pre-owned certified vehicle. I test drove it and several agreements to the vehicles exterior were made and a price was agreed on. After signing 4-5 contract documents, I was told that certain things could no longer be done to the exterior. Since I signed 4-5 contract docs, I continued with the transaction. I signed a document stipulating that "No Damage" to the vehicle was done but was led to believe that this was supposed to be the final condition doc. The vehicle did not meet the agreement made by me and sales. I was pawned off to a different sales guy who did nothing when I questioned the cars final condition. I tried to return it and they wouldnt let me. Their finance ppl told me that I could not contact the finance co. and I would have to wait for my 1st bill.

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There is likely no grace period unless written in the agreement.

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I was told there was no grace period written in the contract. One GM told me I took ownership when I signed, the other GM told me I took ownership when I drove off with it. Their stories dont add up. Isnt there laws protecting people from taking misrepresented vehicles whether it was misrepresented in written or oral form. Please refer to the following link: I was led to believe the vehicle would look a certain way in order for the sales rep to finalize the deal. I relied on his description (dumb I know, but we are passed that point now). Point is, that he I relied on it and made my decision based on that. Any suggestions?

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