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Can I vacate a judgment entered in my favor from the district court and also the superior court if the defendant pays?

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I am a plaintiff in a breach of contract claim in Washington State. I won in small claims court and then had the case transferred to Superior Court. It is now up to me to proceed from here. I don't want to take the next step unless it is absolutely necessary because the defendant could be arrested for failure to appear in court and provide a list of assets. I am trying to work with the defendant to resolve this matter outside of the court. If the defendant pays me then is there anything I can do to vacate the judgment I already won in district court? If I am paid then I know I will need to tell the Superior Court that judgment was satisfied. Is there anything I can do to vacate the judgment in this court? If I get my money back then I believe the defendant would have suffered enough and he doesn't need this on his record nor does he need it affecting his credit history?

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I can understand why you would want to file a satisfaction of judgment, but I'm not really sure why you would want to vacate the judgment. With that said, if you were to file to vacate your own judgment I can't imagine why the judge would disallow it. He/she might ask if you understood the ramifications of your actions, but as long as you did, I would think they would allow it.


You can enter a satisfaction of judgment , but do not enter it until you are paid. The defendant could seek a vacation and you could allow it and perhaps the Court would as well, if you have been paid.
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