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Can I use my old employer's valid H1B visa to enter the USA after having stayed outside the USA for a year?

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I stopped working in the USA a year ago and have been residing abroad since then. My old H1B visa is still valid. Now I have in my possession a new I-797 approval notice from a new employer. In the past I have entered the USA using an old employer's valid visa while working for a new employer. But this time I stopped working and have been abroad for a year. Can I still use my old valid H1B visa to enter the USA in this situation? Many thanks.

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This is not legal advice until I am retained and have reviewed all facts about your situation.



Why what? Why enter the USA? In order to work for a new employer since I already have the I-797 approval notice.


Tricky. That would be "pushing the envelope"too far.. Talk to the immigration lawyer often you employer before you attempt to return to the US.

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It would be best to:

1. Talk to the new employer's immigration lawyer (not a non-attorney in HR), and
2. Get a new visa stamp.

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You are allowed to, as long as you have an unexpired H1 visa stamped on your passport, the new approval notice (original) and a letter from the new employer confirming employment.

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