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Can I Use An Artist's Image/Photo On The Cover of My Magazine?

Elkins, WV |

I Have a Magazine That Does Stories On Musicians and Artists And I Wanted To Know if I Can Use a Living Bands/Artists Photo On The Cover Of My Magazine if I am Writing about Their New Album and My Options etc on them and where they are Headed?

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Only if you acquire a license from the owner of the copyright in the photograph. And when you and your attorney discuss how to acquire that license you should also discuss whether you have a journalistic First Amendment right to show the images of the band members on your "magazine" or whether you must first license those person's "right of publicity."

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No, you cannot with the express license from the copyright owner of the photograph, normally the photographer.

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Not a good idea. As my colleague points out, you need a license to do so. The photo that you are referring to is a copyright that belongs to someone else. The converse of this would be a band that wants to use a photo that you took and published in your magazine as their album cover. Would you be ok with that? Probably not.

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