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Can i use a power of attorney to pick up a person from a morgue, and all of his possesions

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this girl (alexis renney) was staying with my childrens grandfather in richmond, ca she was suppose to be taking care of him, i guess he fell she took him to a doctor and left him there for a couple of months. i went out there and talked to the social worker. she told me that he is being highly abused by this person physically and financially. we made plains for me to get him 12 days after that date. the day i was to pick him up the girl(alexis Renny) shows up for the first time and pick him after not returning to the hospital since she dropped him off. now he is dead. when i was out there the social worker printed out a power of attorney that we had gotton notorized it stated that i was to have access to all of his things basically. can i pick him up from where ever he is with this.

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Power of attorney for finance (to manage someone's finances) terminate when the perso dies. Power of Attorney for health care (to manage someone's health care) allows you to dispose of the person's remains after their death. The answer to your question depends on what type of Power of Attorney you had.
You should immediately make a police report regarding any facts you have regarding the abuse of your grandfather. Physical and financial elder abuse is a crime and also subject to civil action in California.
Consult with an attorney regarding your grandfather's estate. Bring any documents, including the "Power of ATtorney" given to you. The attorney can guide you as to your rights and duties.
If the institution holding your grandfather's remains is willing to release him to you for burial, you can bury your grandfather.

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