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Can i travel to India and come back without any issues?

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HI I am Indian citizen ...I was on H4 visa earlier and my husband's company filed for my green card (as an Adjustment) in July 2011 as our priority date become current...My husband has got his green card and i have got the fingerprinting notice dated 11 September 2011...I wanted to fly to India in first week of October 2011...Approx.How long will it take to get my green card ? and if fingerprinting goes ok..Can i travel to India and come back without any issues?

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I would recommend speaking to an immigration attorney before you travel. Based on your question, it sounds like you are no longer in H-4 status (since you said you had an H-4 earlier and your husband - who I assume had an H-1B - is already an LPR). You also do not mention whether you have a current advance parole travel document. After your biometrics appointment is completed, it typically takes at least a month to receive the Lawful Permanent Resident card in the mail - and if an interview or additional evidence is required, it would likely be longer. If you travel before your case is approved but without advance parole, you will abandon your application for adjustment of status.


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The short answer is yes as long as your H4 status is still valid you can go back to India but not for an extended period of time (6 months continuous, etc.). If your fingerprints do not "go ok", as you put it, then you could be in some amount of hot water.

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-Khaja Din