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Can I transfer work release privileges for jail to another county in WI?

Milwaukee, WI |

I'm going to be sentenced for a 2nd DUI in Wisconsin but the county I'm being sentenced in I don't live in. I fully expect to get work release or huber is what they call it in WI. The thing is where I work and live is not even close to where I'm being sentenced. Is there a way to transfer it to another county? Even if I was given work release where I'm being sentenced but wasn't allowed to transfer it, then it would basically be useless to have work release seeing that I wouldn't have a job there.

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Yes at sentencing you need to request it, and it is conditional on the jail in the county that you are transferring accepting you. The county receiving can decline. You must apply so contact the Huber program before you start serving your sentence.

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If work release means release from jail in the morning and return to the jail at night, probably not. Jail sentences must be served in the county where the sentence is ordered. If work release means a monitor then, probably yes. Judges would rather you keep your job. Ask the judge or your lawyer before you are sentenced.


These situations come up often, and usually can be resolved in a way that will allow you to serve your time while still going to work. Ask during your sentencing to be able to serve the time in another county. The judge will likely allow for it, and give you time to make those arrangements with the other county. In fact, you may want to contact the jail sergeant in the county where you want to serve the time to find out if they have a bed available and if there is anything else they need in your sentencing order to make this happen. You may be required to pay a higher daily fee for doing work release in another county as well.

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