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Can I transfer my Washington court date for a DUI to Indiana where I live?

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I was pulled over for a DUI 7/10/12 and was not issued a ticket (I was originally pulled over for speeding by a state trooper) I am an Indiana resident and need to return home this month. I just got my court date in the mail today for Aug 3, can I transfer/ reschedule the court date without being penalized?

(Needing to return home August not July) Wanting to transfer/ reschedule the court date to Indiana

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You may be able to reschedule the court date but you cannot have the case heard in Indiana. Mike


Sorry, but you cannot transfer jurisdiction.

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You can not transfer a court date from one state to another state.

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Your best option woud be to retain local legal counsel to represent you on this matter prior to returning to Indiana. Your attorney will be able to reschedule you arraignment date and arrange to waive your presence at some, though not all, of your future court hearings.


As an Indiana dui attorney it is not uncommon for me to be in position to "waive" an initial or first hearing within a misdemeanor case. Therafter, it is usually an option here to continue potential court hearings or make certain hearings what are often called, "attorneys only" to spare the inconvenience of court appearance for a client.

Should a prosecution be for a felony in Indiana the initial hearing cannot be waived. Once the case has been concluded felony probation terms can be transferred to Indiana in the event of a conviction. If a misdemeanor, probation will not likely be transferred to Indiana as arrangements to fulfill any court obligations of probation would have to be arranged with a point of contact in Washington. It is usually quite common at that point for out of state probation to allow obligations to be performed in the defendant's home state.

With all of that said it is is necessary to solicit the counsel of a Washington dui attorney as to the specific court procedures for the court in question that you are dealing with.