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Can I transfer a restricted license?

Mount Vernon, NY |

My license was suspended for 192 days for lack of insurance but received a restricted license. I am now moving to PA and still have about another 3 months to go on the suspension. Will I e able to transfer my restricted license in PA and Register my car.


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That is a question you should post in the Pennsylvania section of Avvo as well as here.

In general, a person needs a valid underlying privilege to drive in the state he or she is relocating from to surrender in exchange for a license in the new state of residence. The reason is obvious - it prevents motorists from moving to have a privilege restored or expanded.

That said, Pennsylvania may allow you to have a restricted license there that will mirror the restricted NY license you now possess. See if some PA attorneys can provide some answers in that area.

Christopher I. Simser, Sr.
Anelli Xavier
Syracuse - Albany - Rochester


Most likely not.


There is the possibility of a "transfer" but it requires inquiry in Penn to see if they will issue you a Penn license temporarily restricted or allow you to simply use the NYS license for a limited amount of time. Do not simply risk being stopped and learning the hard way that what the law would have allowed or not.

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