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Can I take someone who owes me $500 to small claims court even if it was a verbal agreement?

Herndon, VA |

Verbal agreement to transport person's child to and from school for 5 months-Jan-May for $500.00 dollars a month. Person is insisting they paid me for the month of May. I have bank statements (deposit record w/ check numbers) to show they did not. She has yet to get her banking information. I have spoken to her on the phone and through text and she has said she will get her banking info. She has not. She also emailed me back and forth to my job email claiming to have paid me. Do I have a chance of getting the money she owes me?

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Oral agreements are valid in VA.
Small claims is the place to go for your case.
Whether you can win or not depends on your abilitity to tell your story and draw upon SOME evidence tending to prove the existence of an agreement as against what your opponent argues. Judge will weigh the arguments and render a judgment.

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Yes, but you have to burden of proving that an agreement existed.

The answer provided is for general information purposes and cannot be relied upon. In order to provide legal advice, one must engage with a live attorney; this answer does not create such attorney-client relationship.

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