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Can i take my ex to small claims court if she spent money from a bank account while i was in jail?

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while i was in jail she spent money and my bank account is now negative $275. she closed after she spent all my money plus another $275 which made it negative. she is not willing to pay the bill to clear my name with the bank

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Was she an authorized user on the account. If she closed the account it sounds like it is a joint account and you both have a right to the whole of the account. Therefore she can take all the money and there is nothing you can do about it. If it was not a joint account then you may have an argument. The costs to bring a small claims action would probably be more than $275 and if you were in jail the judge may not be real sympathetic to your situation but might.

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its not the missing money that's the problem, its now the account is negative and the bank is now billing me and her and she says she isn't going to pay back the money the bank wants.