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Can I take my ex-husband to court to increase child support since his income has increase by more than $20000.

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My divorce was finalized in July 2012. Since then, my ex husband has had a significant increase in salary more than $20,000. I have asked for him to share in the costs for the extracurricular expenses of our 14 year old daughter, which he refuses. These expenses (she is in competitive sports and several clubs). I have tried to work this out between us but he refuses stating that my child care should cover any expenses for her. We live in an affluent area and these are the same activities she was in before the divorce.

Also, my ex is now working permanently in another country, which pretty much means I have taken on total parental responsibility for our child even though our divorce decree says we have joint custody and responsibilities of an active teenager in multiple sports and shcool activities. He has come back into the country for a total of six weeks, which have been spread-out in 2-week intervals for 2012.

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Sounds like service would be expensive in the foreign jurisdiction, but other than that, you should get an increase based on recent increase in family code to net resources, his lack of visitation, and also his increase in income. I am open Saturday to assist.

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