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Can I take back a plea bargain after serving 1/3 (1year) of the sentence?

Anchorage, AK |

I received my 3rd dui in Alaska (within 10 years and 2 weeks of the 1st) which is a felony. I have 2 prior felonys due to the fact that during each previous time I rear ended a car. These were over 8 and 10 years ago. I took the plea bargain only after being told by my attorney that I would be eligible for discretionary parole (1/4-1/3 time). This was the only reason I took the plea bargain. I was told by the DOC only after I had served 1/4 of the time that I was not and would not be eligible..

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Attorney answers 1


I don't practice in Alaska, but it seems doubtful. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen