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Can I take an ex girlfriend and her family to court for taking my valuables out of my house and not giving them back?

Carmichael, CA |

My ex fiancee and I broke up but I allowed her to remain living in the home we shared while she looked for a house. She didnt work during the last two years of our relationship. After we had agreed to an amicable split my business was closed in terrible circumstance. I am now penniless and unemployed, it happened in a second. Terrible. Now, she has kicked me out of the house. When I went back by yesterday to grab some things I noticed all my guitars and amps were gone. She said she put them in her Mother's storage and didnt seem keen on returning them. We were never married but were together off and on for 8 years during which I paid all the bills the whole time. I offered to give her a car and allow her another month in the house. But, I need my equipment back! Value is more than 10k$.

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The circumstances you describe seem to comprise a crime (i.e. theft, larceny, burglary, etc.) You should demand return of your property or else call the police. A civil lawsuit for replevin is also possible, but would probably cost a lot and take a long time.

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